Dogecoin Denies Rumors of Switch to PoS Network, Engineer Speaks Out

• Dogecoin developers denied rumors that the team plans to switch to a PoS network. • Michi Lumin, Dogecoin foundation’s principal engineer, clarified that no individual or organization can switch Dogecoin to PoS. • Lumin argued that those spreading the rumors were doing so to get more views or follows on their social handles. Rumors … Weiterlesen

Personalize Your Experience with VeChain Energy’s Profile Feature

• VeChain Energy has launched a profile feature for Auth-Service that allows users to personalize their experience with nicknames. • The profile extension introduces a new scope called ‚profile‘ which allows users to select a nickname from a trusted source. • This profile selection is stored on the blockchain, and automatically used for future sign-ins. … Weiterlesen

Gleec Coin Now Listed on Use It Anywhere!

• Gleec coin has become the latest coin to be listed on • provides users with a convenient debit card to spend and convert cryptocurrencies, as well as a popular crypto wallet and earnings marketplace. • The listing on could bring the coin to over 750k users, and could now be used … Weiterlesen