Clean Up the Ocean! Buy Trash NFTs on Polygon to Help WWF

• WWF and Polygon have partnered to launch a hybrid metaverse, SaveYour.World, which allows players to effect change in the real world by purchasing „trash NFTs“ and removing real waste from the oceans.
• Polygon has committed to exploring blockchain and Web3 to create new climate solutions, such as offsetting emissions from the public chain last year.
• This collaboration aims to educate people on the crisis of trash and plastics getting into the sea, while also motivating them to take action through a “play to donate” approach.

Polygon Partners with WWF for Trash NFTs

Hybrid Metaverse Launched

WWF Deutschland and Savespecies have launched a collaborative metaverse, SaveYour.World, on the Polygon network as part of their partnership. Players will be able to effect change in the real world by buying „trash NFTs“ that remove real waste from the ocean.

Exploring Blockchain & Web3

Polygon is committed to exploring blockchain and Web3 technologies in order to address environmental challenges faced by the world today. It hopes that this will serve as an encouragement for traditional climate solutions and new dApps alike.

Educating People on Crisis of Trash & Plastics

This collaboration aims not only at removing waste from oceans but also educating people on this crisis of trash and plastics getting into seas around the globe. To motivate people further, they have introduced an approach called „play-to-donate“.

Offsetting Emissions

Polygon Labs has taken significant steps towards sustainability by offsetting emissions from its public chain last year when Ethereum successfully completed its Merge in September – reducing emissions by 99.9%.


The partnership between Polygon and WWF is truly groundbreaking as it brings together digital technology with tangible action for tackling global environmental issues – demonstrating how powerful these two forces can be when combined!