Dogecoin Denies Rumors of Switch to PoS Network, Engineer Speaks Out

• Dogecoin developers denied rumors that the team plans to switch to a PoS network.
• Michi Lumin, Dogecoin foundation’s principal engineer, clarified that no individual or organization can switch Dogecoin to PoS.
• Lumin argued that those spreading the rumors were doing so to get more views or follows on their social handles.

Rumors of Dogecoin making a switch to a PoS network have been circulating recently, causing a heated discussion in the community. In response, the Dogecoin developers released an official statement on Thursday, denying the rumors and clarifying the situation.

Michi Lumin, the Dogecoin foundation’s principal engineer, took to Twitter to shed light on the denial, stating that no organization or individual can switch Dogecoin to PoS. He argued that the most they can do is provide a code outline to the validators and the community. Lumin also suggested that those spreading the rumors were doing so for personal gain, such as getting more views or followers on their social handles.

The rumors of Dogecoin switching to PoS had been sparked by a YouTube video posted by Rabid Mining on Wednesday. However, the Dogecoin team made it clear that the network won’t be switching to PoS anytime soon, and that the proposal will still have to be approved by the network’s validators.

The Dogecoin team has been working on various upgrades to their network, such as improving the speed of transactions and introducing new features. It is clear that the team is taking a cautious approach to any changes they make to the network, and they are making sure to get approval from the validators before implementing any upgrades.